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By now most of you have heard about Windows 10, some of you have even upgraded to it. The benefit of upgrading now is that it’s free for 1 year after that you will have to pay for it. Lately I have often been asked for my thoughts and opinions on it, so here’s my opinion on Windows 10.

If you have a system that came with Windows 8, I would immediately upgrade to Windows 10 as it’s a far better improvement from Windows 8 or even Windows 8.1. On the other hand if you have an older system I would make sure it is compatible with Windows 10 before you go ahead and upgrade it as there have been some known compatibility issues. During the process of upgrading the software will check your system for compatibility before continuing, make sure it is compatible before continuing the upgrade. The only issues I’ve had so far is my laptop was no longer able to print to my wireless printer which wasn’t a big deal as I was able to uninstall the printer then reinstall it and it worked.
So let’s say you decided to go ahead with the upgrade and everything went smoothly, please tell me you backed up your data before you upgraded, if you really don’t like Windows 10 than Microsoft has given you the option of rolling back the upgrade. Unfortunately that option is only good for 30 gays from the time you upgraded. I personally think Microsoft should leave that option in there even after the 1 month period.

So after all is said and done my true opinion is that I like Windows 10. I like the start menu on it and I like how you can customize that start menu. Once again I think if you have a Windows 8 system I would do the upgrade to a better product. If you do upgrade I hope you enjoy it.

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