Why I don’t repair Apple products

I’ve been asked a number of times if I repair Apple products, here’s why I don’t.  Although I’m fully capable of taking apart a Mac or iPad I’m not certified to do so and the process to become certified is a long and expensive process.  What difference does that make you say?  I care about my clients and will not do anything to jeopardize that relationship.

Anyone can repair Apple products but you can’t buy Apple replacement parts from Apple unless you’re certified to do so, that means getting inferior 3rd party parts that may or may not last.   After talking with an Apple Representative I found out that if you get your Apple product repaired from an unauthorized repair center who uses 3rd party parts and something goes wrong with your Apple product it not only could void your Apple warranty but Apple may not touch it after that.  There are parts that can easily be replaced yourself like memory, please see Apple for a list of user replaceable parts that you can do yourself for your product.  But anything major like a screen replacement you’re best to get an authorized repair center to do the repairs in order to keep your warranty intact.

If your Apple product is out of warranty then by all means have someone other than Apple repair it as most places will give you some kind of warranty, mostly 30 days sometimes longer.  But think about it, you spent a large sum of money on your Apple product would you not want it repaired and warranted by an authorized repair center that stands behind the replacement.  There are a lot of cheap replacement parts on the market for Apple but it doesn’t mean they’re going to last and they could cause other problems if they break down.

So once again I care about my clients the reason I do not support Apple products.  As my business grows and the need to hire arises then I would look for someone who’s Apple certified so that I could become an authorized repair center so I can service the small number of Apple users. Until then, no I do not service Apple products sorry.

To find the nearest Apple authorized repair center or Apple store go here… https://locate.apple.com/ca/en/


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  1. ….can you retrieve data from the hard drive of my 2007 iMac?

    1. I’m very sorry but I don’t work on Apple products. Your best bet is to take it to an Apple Store.

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