Whoosh! Diamond Defense

Whoosh! Diamond Defence

I discovered a Canadian company called Whoosh! that has produced a product called Diamond Defense which is a liquid screen protector that makes your cell phone screens 15X stronger.  This product can also be used on tablets and laptops.   Being rather skeptical I decided to try one after purchasing several to sell.

The box contains one cleaning wipe and one diamond defense wipe, along with a very nice microfiber cloth.  The instructions tell you to first use the cleaning wipe then the cloth to clean your screen.  I noticed right away that the screen was very clean and shiny after using the cleaning wipe and cloth.  It did in fact clean all the dirt and grime off of my cell phone screen making it look like new again. Next came the two step liquid protector wipe. You use the wipe and apply it on your screen then leave it for 5 minutes to dry. After 5 minutes you use the included cloth to buff your screen then you apply the wipe a second time leaving it for 5 minutes then buffing again.  After all that I couldn’t believe the results, the screen was so shiny and finger prints weren’t nearly as bad. Any finger prints that do show up can be quickly wiped off with the microfiber cloth included with the kit.  I’m very impressed with the product and can’t wait to try their screen cleaner too.

This is what the company has to say about how it works…

“The advanced technology of Diamond Defense creates a strong, hydrophobic, nano-thin coating on screen glass that cannot be seen or felt. 

Particles that come in contact with the treated surface bounce and slide off the invisible coating, providing amazing resistance to scratches and chips, minimizing the damage caused by everyday wear and tear.

3rd party lab testing proves that a Diamond Defense treated screen is over 15X STRONGER than an untreated screen. “


This is an excellent product and I would highly recommend it to anyone.  Now available at Scott’s Computer Emporium



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