On-Line Safety for Children

In a world with all kinds of threats it’s most important that we protect our children.  In the process of protecting them we also need to protect them while they’re on-line.  This protection should start from an early age but it’s never too late to begin.  I will be giving some tips and ideas to use that will help you to be a protective parent and still have their respect. 
As I said before start early, sit with them while they’re on the computer and show them the sites you would like them to go on.  There are many sites that are geared to children.  Such as:
To make it easier for your child to find these sites don’t forget to bookmark them or better still add an icon to your desktop.
*** NOTE ***  The number one safety rule for your children should be NEVER give their real name, address or password.  Also NEVER give out personal information while on the internet.
To make it easier for you to keep an eye on them while they’re on the internet, make sure your computer is located in a spot where your family tends to congregate like the family room.
Monitor any emails they get and monitor their chats if they go on MSN Live Messenger or any other chat program.  Be on the look out for Cyberbullying.  Most people play nice online, but some use the Internet to harass, belittle, or try to intimidate others. Attacks may range from name calling to physical threats and are rarely seen by parents.  If someone threatens or continually harasses your kids, or attempts to lure them into
face-to-face meetings for illicit purposes, report the problem to the police.
Read what they write in their blogs and their profiles on social networking sites.  Teach your kids to trust their instincts and to tell you immediately if they ever feel threatened or scared by something that happens online.
Last but not least always make sure you antivirus programs are up-to-date and you have a firewall on your computer.
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