New Computer VS Upgrading

This is something I get asked all the time, should you upgrade your current computer or buy a new one? This is an age old question that doesn’t have a simple yes or no answer. The choice is really up to you but here are a few things that I point out to my customers.

First: what is it that’s wrong with your current computer? If its something what I consider major like a motherboard which will probably require a new processor (CPU chip), then it might be cheaper to buy a new computer. But if its a new hard drive, video card, memory, or other easily replaced components then by all means upgrade. You can often find deals on these components.

Second: Is your current computer meeting your needs? Consider this, if all you do is surf the Internet or send/receive email, then why do you need a new computer when your current one is doing that for you now. You might say to me that your computer is too slow. If that is the case then I look at why its running slow and there are a number of reasons. I look at the internal parts like the fans (are they full of dust and debris?), I look at the memory to determine if you could use more, a PC tune up might help as well. Sometimes doing the simple little things can help to speed up a computer and make it run more efficiently.

Thirdly: What is the age of your current computer? I tell my customers who are thinking about buying a new computer that if their current computer is more then 4 years old then it may be time to look at the new computers. But once again age is only a small factor in the decision. It really brings you back to points one and two.

Let me just say this in closing; new computers are faster but not necessarily better. I strongly believe that with the proper maintenance a computer can and will last for years. Like homes or cars your computers need to be checked over, cleaned out, and tuned up once or twice a year. Your computer will be faster, less prone to crashes, and be better behaved when you have it tuned up. I am a big fan of recycling and refurbishing older computers because it keeps them out of the landfill. If you are determined to purchase a new computer then make sure you buy something that will meet your needs now and in the future.

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