Microsoft Phone Scam!

Known as the Microsoft Scam or virus/spyware scam, many people are receiving phone calls from a company or companies sometimes claiming to be from Microsoft.  They will inform the person that their computer is badly infected with viruses or spyware and that they can tell because they tracked your IP address.  The company goes on to say that they need to fix your computer right away or you will lose everything.  They proceed by getting you to download software or visit a website that would allow them access to your computer.  If you allow that to happen then they have you.  The cost for such access turn’s out to be around $150 to $200.  The company in question does a few things in your computer to appear as if they’re fixing your virus infestation. In all cases that is not what they are doing, instead they are gathering your personal information including passwords, credit card information, etc. As you know this can and will lead to identity theft.

First of all Microsoft would never call anyone up out of the blue like that so don’t waste your time with them just hang up.  I’ve included a YouTube video for you to watch on this subject.

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