JCopia Software Review

Once again I’ve been asked to write a review on a piece of software called JCopia by the Jiteco Corporation.  This software captures flash video and audio streams from any website to your computer as files.

When I downloaded the program it required a windows .net framework 4 to be installed which wasn’t a big deal.  That took sometime to download. Afterwards the JCopia program downloaded and installed, but the part that bothered me a little was the fact that upon opening the software it required another program to be installed.  A little troubling but once again, no big deal. Although everything took a little time it did install without any problems.

With the downloads done and once the software is active on your system it will automatically download any video or audio from the website you happen to be on.  I tried it on YouTube and it downloaded the movie without a problem.  The software is extremely easy to use. The cost of JCopia is $19.60 Canadian which isn’t too bad.

Although it isn’t something I need in my opinion this is a nice, easy to use piece of software.  If you require software to download media files from the internet then check this one out. For more information visit their website at JCopia .

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