I have a friend who knows computers?

With the economy the way it is we are all trying to save a little money. When it comes to certain things, we tend to go the cheaper route and get someone to perform a task for free or at a greatly reduced price. But at what cost? When it comes to our computers most people will take the cheaper repair route. It seems like everyone has a friend that knows about computers and can fix it for free. With everyone losing their jobs there seems to be more so called computer techs opening up their own shops offering cut rate repairs. Please keep in mind cheaper isn’t always better.

I have run across a number of people who have used the cheaper route to repair their computers but ended up spending more because it wasn’t done properly in the first place. Think of it this way would you really get your neighbor’s kid to repair your car or install a new furnace? Technician’s are trained professionals who have gone to school to be trained in what they do. These professionals also have certificates to prove their knowledge. Professionals charge what they do because of their knowledge and training.

In the computer industry we have a name for those techs who charge cut throat rates. We call them Pizza Techs, because they are only in the business to make a quick buck and they charge enough to buy a pizza usually the $20 – $40 range per repair. These pizza techs are not professionals and you can usually tell by how they address the customer. Often their appearance alone will give away the fact that they really don’t know what they’re doing. This type of competition does not bother me because eventually their customers come to me for a proper repair, in most cases they go out of business because they soon realize they can’t make the fast buck they were hoping for. All I can say is buyer beware. Be careful who you choose for a computer technician because it could cost you more in the end.

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