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As a small business owner I like to give back to my community whenever I can.  One way I’ve been able to do that is to coach a youth’s softball team and have done so for the past couple of season.  I get a great deal of pleasure out of seeing how happy these kids are in a team setting.  They accomplish so much and I always make sure they have fun.  This past season I came across a young lad who wanted to play but really didn’t have the money for the registration fees.  As things were a little tough for me I wasn’t able to afford to help him but I used my contacts I knew and was able to raise the money to get him signed up.  The amount of joy this child had in playing has encouraged me to continue to try and help other children in my community.  So with your help together we can make these kids lives a little better by allowing them to play sports and be part of a team.  If you would like to donate any small amount please follow the link to my donation page.  I thank you for your help and support after all it takes a community to raise a child properly.

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