A Testament To My Honesty

First, I would like to say that I base my business on honesty and integrity, something that most computer repair shops lack in.  It came as no real shock to me when I opened up a letter from Microsoft informing me that I had a mystery shopper come to me some time in January of 2012.  This person inquired about purchasing a custom built system and had asked if I provide genuine software with the packaging.  At this point I must say that I will NEVER sell or install illegal/pirated software of any kind for anyone. The letter went on to say that it appears that I sell legal genuine copies of Microsoft software and it’s packaging.


So after I finished reading this letter, of which I will enclose, the one thought that came to mind is that one of my competitors must have put in a complaint against me.  Microsoft does not normally investigate a business unless there has been a complaint or another business in the area had been investigated. So here I am an honest businessperson trying to run an honest business in a field that can and is very corrupt.  All I can say is be very careful of who you allow to work on your computer. If you don’t you could end up with illegal software on your computer which will cause more headaches then it’s worth.

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