Scott’s Computer Emporium was established in Brantford in 2008 with one mission in mind…

To bring back good old fashioned customer service by removing the headaches of owning a computer while providing honest and reliable computer repair services.    

We’ve all heard the horror stories of computer companies taking advantage of unsuspecting customers by over charging, not fixing their computers correctly, installing illegal software or swapping out good parts for something else.  With our on-site services, that fear factor is eliminated as you can see what the technician is doing to your computer. This enables you to ask questions expecting answers without the computer lingo.

My approach to customer service has always been to provide honesty and integrity at an affordable price.  This is something that you should expect and deserve to get from any company.    In turn you will get computer services you can always trust and the quality of work you expect at an affordable price.  

 Hence my motto…Computer services you can trust, quality you can afford.  If you can’t trust your computer technician with your data, who can you trust?