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We bring the computer shop to you by offering full On-Site computer repair services.  Most repairs are done same day in the comfort of your home or office.

On-Site Rates:

$60.00 per hour 1 hour minimum for Residential Clients

$65.00 per hour 1 hour minimum for Business Clients

$10.00 extra for travel costs out side of the Brantford area including Paris, Burford, St George

Services Offered:

Virus/Spyware Removal…$80.00

Specializing in the removal of viruses/trojans and spyware, etc. without the need to reformat your system.  Although it is sometimes necessary to perform a Windows Reinstall due to the corruption of Windows files, techniques have been perfected in successfully removing malicious programs without the need to reformat Windows. For more details click here…

PC Tune-Up…$60.00 in shop only

With a PC Tune Up your computer will run like new again and help it to last as long as it should. It will remove accumulated temporary files, defragment the hard drive, optimize the start up programs, etc. and make other adjustments to ensure your computer runs the way it should.  Recommendations for future upgrades or replacements will also be given. For more details click here…

Data Backup…$90.00Data Backup with External Hard Drive$150.00 & up

Back up your Documents,  Music,  Pictures,  e-mail and other user data and placed on either DVD’s or an external hard drive.

Windows Re-installation…$90.00…With Data Backup…$150.00

Restore Windows back to its factory settings then applying all Windows updates.  Includes restoring user data that was previously backed up. Please note that a Windows Re-installation will wipe out ALL user data if not backed up.  Client is responsible for backing up their data. User installed software can not be backed up and must be reinstalled at an additional expense (does not include the software itself. Software with a legal license key must be provided if you wish us to re-install)

Network Setup and Installation

Setup and install network hardware and software and set wireless security features.  Does not include hardware or software, must be purchased separately.

Hardware upgrades

Does not include cost of hardware components

Software upgrades

Does not include the cost of the software title

(Taxes not included. Prices are subject to change without notice)