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Why I don’t repair Apple products

I’ve been asked a number of times if I repair Apple products, here’s why I don’t.  Although I’m fully capable of taking apart a Mac or iPad I’m not certified to do so and the process to become certified is a long and expensive process.  What difference does that make you say?  I care about my clients and will not do anything to jeopardize that relationship.

Anyone can repair Apple products but you can’t buy Apple replacement parts from Apple unless you’re certified to do so, that means getting inferior 3rd party parts that may or may not last.   After talking with an Apple Representative I found out that if you get your Apple product repaired from an unauthorized repair center who uses 3rd party parts and something goes wrong with your Apple product it not only could void your Apple warranty but Apple may not touch it after that.  There are parts that can easily be replaced yourself like memory, please see Apple for a list of user replaceable parts that you can do yourself for your product.  But anything major like a screen replacement you’re best to get an authorized repair center to do the repairs in order to keep your warranty intact.

If your Apple product is out of warranty then by all means have someone other than Apple repair it as most places will give you some kind of warranty, mostly 30 days sometimes longer.  But think about it, you spent a large sum of money on your Apple product would you not want it repaired and warranted by an authorized repair center that stands behind the replacement.  There are a lot of cheap replacement parts on the market for Apple but it doesn’t mean they’re going to last and they could cause other problems if they break down.

So once again I care about my clients the reason I do not support Apple products.  As my business grows and the need to hire arises then I would look for someone who’s Apple certified so that I could become an authorized repair center so I can service the small number of Apple users. Until then, no I do not service Apple products sorry.

To find the nearest Apple authorized repair center or Apple store go here…


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Personal Safety On The Internet

Take Flight With MeTake Flight, with me                 Guest Blog, by Sherry Main

 Thank you for inviting me back to guest blog Scott. I am always delighted when my writing gets published.

Last month, Scott provided some safety tips for your computer. This month I am writing about personal safety on the internet. As a Crisis Intervention counselor and a caseworker and trainer I was called upon to work with people who were not aware of internet safety. This article is not meant to scare you; rather bring awareness for you and your family.

Children use the internet as a valuable resource for homework, hobbies, social chat and to learn. However, it is very easy to run amok simply by typing in the wrong word or misspelling words. Also, children are curious. They hear a new word at school or from friends and endeavor to find meaning.

There are two key ways to keep your children safe. The first is to place the computer in a central place where you or other family members pass on a regular basis. This way your student has easy access to ask questions and you can see what is on the monitor/screen.

The second important way is to keep open the lines of communication. Tell your children there are predators on the web and tell them what to avoid. You do not need to frighten your children with this, but if you are willing to talk they are willing to ask questions. Meaningful dialogue is important at any age as long as the information is age appropriate.

Protecting Children’s Privacy – A Guide for Parents, Carers and Educators – Online Safety For Kids: A Parent’s Guide To Protecting Children’s Privacy

This and similar articles can get you started.

Cyber Sex Addiction

 Our fast paced global living has led to estrangement from family and sometimes our partners. We all need to feel loved and wanted. This factor and many others, like abusive relationships, opened the door to cyber sex addictions. And, like any addiction, this can harm you and your family and other relationships. You are not alone and you are not to blame. Understanding and awareness are crucial to getting help.

Creating your own fantasy world is sometimes easier than facing reality. Cyber sex addiction is on the rise as more and more families own multiple computers. In fact, it is so prevalent that public computer spaces have blocked sites; books about cyber sex addiction are in abundance and many community centres’ offer workshops to help people. Almost all women’s shelters send their staff to learn how to help their clients.

I have included some resources for Internet safety. Please feel free to contact me if you need further information. You can message me on Facebook at “Take Flight, with me“.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016

      Christmas and New Year 2016Hard to believe yet another year has gone by.  It seems like yesterday that I started this business to make a difference in the world of technology.  Technology products have changed with leaps and bounds.  Computers have gotten faster and smaller, laptops have gotten thinner and lighter and more people using tablets and smart phones.  Home automation has really taken off; you can now control your lights or thermostat with your smart phone.   Wireless routers have gotten much better with dual band that transmit in both 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies with stronger signals.  With all of this great technology available I feel like a kid in a candy store at this time of year.

    With this new technology come the security risks associated with it.  Anything from cars to IP camera baby monitors can be hacked and taken over.  I’ve even heard that a pace maker can be hacked, it’s all very scary when you think of it. The trick is to be aware of the security risks and to protect yourself with strong passwords on your wireless devices.  A password with a combination of numbers, letters and special characters are the strongest form of passwords to use for both your wireless router and your websites you have to sign into. Also always make sure your antivirus software is up to date.  Free antivirus programs are good but the paid versions are much better but make sure your subscription hasn’t run out.

In any case I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wouldn’t be in business without my clients so please stay safe everyone and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. Here’s hoping everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

From my family to yours

Scott’s Computer Emporium

Microsoft Word Resume Hacks

This well written guest post is by Betsy VandeBeld of HR Consulting and touches on the proper use of Microsoft Word for something important like a Resume.

Microsoft Word Resume Hacks

As a Recruiter and Professional Resume Writer, there are some resume formatting mistakes that I see over and over again, and that give me the same feeling that fingernails on a chalkboard do… For everyone’s sake (especially yours if you want a job), please let me help you!

The first formatting error that gets under my skin is the improper use of tabs. Let me show you:

Team Leader, Weld Industries      2007 – 2015
Pipe Fitter, Weld Inc                  2006 – 2007
Grinder, Weld Co                               2002 – 2006

The above example used spaces to “right justify” the years of employment; note how they don’t line up! And guess what, you can try to line them up as perfect as you can with spaces, but they will not open up on another computer the same way and they will always, ALWAYS not line up.

Tabs Fixed!
Microsoft Word has this awesome feature called “tabs” that will always, ALWAYS make your work line up! First, get rid of all the spaces you’re using to create “the look” and then highlight the area of text you want to use the tabs in.  Simply go to “Paragraph”, click the little arrow button for more options, and then in the lower left corner of the window a button called “tabs” shows up (click it). Once in tabs, choose your tab stop position (I like 16.5), choose”right justify” (if that’s the look you’re going for), and click “okay”. And you’re done!

You would use the skills-based resume style if you have not specifically held similar positions to the one you are applying for, but still have the experience and talents the employer is looking for.

Page Breaks

This next issue can usually be hidden by applicants, but if the resume is opened on a computer with different settings than yours it can really make your resume look messy and unprofessional.

For instance, if you’ve fit all of your resume education and highlighted skills on the first page, clicked “enter” a few times to go to the next page, and then continue with your resume you could be adding excess breaks in the page.  This will cause information on the second page to be pushed down (this will also affect subsequent pages if your document is longer than 2 pages).

Page Breaks Fixed

When you are ready to make a clear break from your cover letter to resume, or first page of your resume to your second page, click and hold “ctrl” and then hit “enter”.  No matter where you are on the page, this makes a clean page break.

Format Painter Hack

Once you discover this tool, you’ll be using it all the time!

Let’s say you’ve nicely formatted the title “Education” with a different font, size, bold, etc and now you want the rest of the titles in your document to match.  There’s no need to highlight the title and choose each formatting option for each title.  Instead, either click “Format Painter” once for a one time use, or double click to keep the feature on, and then highlight the text you want to paint!  The “Format Painter” option can be found under “Home” and close to the left-hand side of the options bar.

Pre-Made Templates

Don’t sell these templates short!  Many people have spent a lot of time developing nicely formatted and organized resume templates for everyone to use.  If you’re not sure where to start or are maybe not that familiar with Word, these templates can save you considerable time!

If you would like to view template options, go to “File”, “New”, and search “resume”.


That’s it!  What are your favourite Microsoft Word formatting hacks and short-cuts?  Comment below or send me a message!
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