On Line Privacy. How To Protect Yourself.

This article was written for a colleague of mine.  His name is Brian Bien and his website is www.BienTek.com
Hope you enjoy it.

Net users often take for granted that they have privacy whenever they go online. What many don’t realize is that the internet is a double-edged sword: it can gives us all the information we can possibly ask for, but it can be used to take information from us as well.
Even something as innocuous as using a search engine or visiting a website actually leaves traces, information that clue in marketers to our habits and interests, which they can use to further their own goals. If, for example, you do a search on the latest cars, someone can pick up the cookie left behind by your search. The next time you visit your favorite site or check your inbox, you just might see an ad for cars, tailor fit just for you.  Continue reading